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A little info on me:

My name is Paul Smith and I live in the Town of Spaniard's Bay, on the Island of Newfoundland, on the East Coast of Canada. I am 41 years old and I started fly fishing with my Dad at age eight.  Here I am, with my father early on in my fishing career.  There is some great fishing to be had here on our island.  We have Atlantic Salmon,  Sea Run Brown Trout,  Native Brook Trout, Sea Run Brook Trout, Artic Char, and Rainbow Trout.  I have fished all these species, and I will post much more info on fishing in Newfoundland as this site grows.  I do a little guiding and if you are interested on a fishing excursion to Newfoundland feel free to contact me.  I can either guide you myself or refer you to someone who will. 


What this site is about:

I also experiment and tinker extensively with fly tying and fly tying materials.  I love to try out new patterns and make use of a wide variety of natural materials.  In addition to fishing, I also hunt, and I try to make use of whatever I can in my fly tying.  In recent years I have been working extensively with Snowshoe Hare's feet and I have accumulated and developed quite a few patterns that utilize this versatile material.  Hence the domain name "haresfeet.com". This site is presently focused on materials, locally available here in Newfoundland and their usefulness to the fly tying fraternity. As the site grows and I get time, I hope to expand and include more information on fly fishing in Newfoundland.  I hope to expose this place for the fly fishing paradise it really is.


Fly Tying Materials:

Below is a list of materials that I use myself and offer for sale on this site.  Click on whatever material you are interested in and you will find pictures, details and prices. As well you will find information on patterns that can be tied with a particular  material. As this site grows I hope to include step by step tying instructions (with pics) for all patterns.

Hare's Feet

Hare's Masks

Hare skins

Seal's Fur

Moose Hair

Caribou Hair


Ordering and Shipping Info:

As you can see this site lacks the bells and whistles you find on many e-commerce sites.  This is not a high volume industry and I am developing this site myself and learning as I go.  I cannot afford to pay web developers or rent space on secure servers to accept credit card orders online.  If you wish to purchase materials, e-mail me and list what you want as well as your mailing address.  I will quickly get back to you with your total for goods + shipping.  Then you can send me a cheque by good old snail mail and I will ship your goods to you.  All transactions are in US dollars.

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